Why Do I Do What I Do?

The world is continually changing and people adjusted to it. Technological progress not only affected communication but also allows to spread faster information. We can learn and use various techniques to create fantastic advertising. Personally, it´s like a mix of art, technology, and magic! Design, photography, and video. I love to use different Adobe programs and blend those together. My favorite is Cinema-graph. You can see this a lot on my instagram flow_storm. This is perfect connection between graphics and video. I believe if you want to be good at something you should continue learning and find good teachers. That´s why I follow mentors with passion on a hight level. The best for me are; Jessica Kobeissi, Peter McKinnon, Sorelle Amore and Marc Webster. I think that a person without experience and heart for marketing, even with the best equipment, will not be able to create a good advertisement. However, a person with experience and creative is able to create a good advertisement from nothing. ´virtually impossible to be creative without a problem…You´re at your best creatively when you are solving problems, because problems cause you to stretch.´ – Tom Monahan

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