Two shades of Stockholm!

The coastline of Sweden is well developed and characterised by hundreds of small and indented medium and also small bays. Especially in the region of the country’s capital, has many banks and bays formed by the activities of the Baltic Sea. In other words, if you want to discover Stockholm, you have to do it in two ways. Through land and water.

Both of these methods of sightseeing are unalike and provide you with amazing impressions. The city is perfect for a bicycle, and you will get the impression that the paths are bigger than roads for cars. Especially in summer, it would be a sin for not to try to explore the city by bike.

Summer Sweden

It all started with my work, where I met a blue-eyed blonde man… And although it is an excellent introduction to the Romantic novel, it is not. My colleague was not very talkative, and he always focuses on specific tasks at work. As soon as the topic of sailing appeared during the lunch, he changed into a man of passion. I never understood how he could spend whole evenings after work at the boat preparing it for the summer sailing season. Until…Stockholm views

I have tried myself. I swear it was one of those moments when time stops, you hear only the sound of waves, and you’re going with the flow.

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