Time is non-refundable, use it with intention!

Illustrator: Gunduz Agayev


Social media has created jealous behaviour over illusions. Sadly some are envious of things, relationship & lifestyles that don´t even exist. That power of “illusion” forced me to think, why people are so addicted to Social media drugs?

“Spending too long on social networking sites could be adversely affecting your mood. You’re more likely to report poor mental health, including symptoms of anxiety and depression.”- makeuseof.com

“Through a series of experiments, the researchers at Harvard University learned through the study that the act of disclosing information about oneself activates the same part of the brain that is associated with the sensation of pleasure, the same pleasure that we get from eating food, getting money or having even having sex.” – marketing.wtwhmedia.com

Relationship xxi century Illustrator: Anton Gudim

How much time should you spend on social media per week?
When the first thing in the morning is checking your phone instead to kiss your loved one, in other words, if your social notifications are more important than your family, friends, or self-development, probably you think now, of course, it is not! But be honest with yourself! How many times did you take look at the phone while talking to colleagues at work, or when you were on coffee with friends? You won’t leave the house before checking your pockets to make sure you have a phone.

Illustrator: Igor Morski


I challenge you to take a simple test. Download an application:

  • Quality Time.
  • AntiSocial.
  • Your Hour.
  • SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused.
  • Super Battery -Battery Doctor & Battery Life Saver.

And see for yourself how much time you spend on applications per week? Make a conclusion. Take an action.

  • Delete all social media on your phone.
  • In public transport, choose a book instead of a phone.
  • Leave the phone at home whenever you can. (Walk with the dog, shopping).
  • Focus on the real conversation with people.
  • Stop following accounts which make you feel bad.

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