The mood box

Exhibition project:

The mood box. We build a dark space where a person could enter and pick up
one of the 3 illuminated LED boxes that best reflects their desired mood:
Blue – serene
Green – energy
Red – Love

After placement in the right spot (camera connected to machine learning) the
whole room instantly transforms into the unique technological experience that
empowers most human of feeling.


Project leader


Arduino + coding
Bitsy Game
Machine Learning
Project management
Technical design


Build an installation using visual projectors, sound, light and


I took my team for a trip to do some research, and see how the production
process looks like behind the scenes.
We went to Expohouse company that specializes in event and interior products
for retail and public spaces. They provided us with a tour and explain each one
of the production processes. Thanks to that experience, I got inspiration and
knew which kinds of materials we gonna need for building our Mood box. I also
contacted sponsors who provided my team in the necessary tools and materials.


Mood box construction
Research & collected DATA
Idea development
Technological and Emotional experience
Amazing project for the Exhibition day

The Mood Box

Tags: Machine Learning / Project management / Technical design