Portfolio Urgrund renovation company in Sweden and creative team members


The Urgrund team is an industry-leading experts with years of experience in bathroom renovation based in Stockholm, Sweden. They implement architect´s  vision to space, and build it with luxurious quality.

Brief challenge:

Create a brand identity that would be so much more than just changing a logo. The main focus was to reflect company values; through the brand´s DNA and clarify what Urgrund offers; it distinguishes them from competitors.


In the top left corner;

UX/UI Consultant: Jina Kim

Project Manager: Joy Hollen

Web Developer: Gabriel Josefson

Brand Strategist/Copywriter: Gauri Kaushik

Art Director/Designer: Yuliya Borowska



✓ Build a brand from scratch (and yes, come up with the name for the company, as well).

✓ Think outside the box; bring authentic, unique, and new visual communication style to renovation industry. 

✓ Create brand elements that not only make a memorable impression on consumers, but also allows customers and clients to understand what Urgrund does. 

✓ Lead creative team through pandemic lockdown and keep everyone accountable during online meetings.

Action plan:

· Gather all information, insights that will help me ideate 
· Interviews with Urgrund´s target group 
· Market research & competitors landscape
· Follow my client to work for a few days 


Ideation process and logotype creation step after step
Soft shapes and natural color palate


From the start, Urgrund’s owner repeated, “technical and problem-solving skills are the most important at my work.” That is why my brand design is minimalistic, symmetric, with implementation of technical aspects; inspired by bathroom preparation process for tiling.

As it comes to color palette, I took the idea from renovation materials that Urgrund used as the base for floors and walls in the bathroom; grey shades, easy to modify, soft forms. I notice that tools for putting a layer on the surface always leave rounding patterns, and natural light plays an enormous role in spaces.


Brand strategy
Brand identity
Brand book
Website (UX/UI)

Logotype in real life on work clothes
Car wrapping with brand logo and pattern visual identity