The main purpose of Holistal is to transform healthcare from reactive to
proactive. Holistal provides you with the right tools (workshops & application)
to improve health in your workplace.


Researcher & Strategist


Interviews CEO/HR/Employees
Gather DATA/ Insights
Brand Book
User-centred design
Presentation Research


Create a user-centred design and friendly tone of voice for the
brand. Boost competitiveness – customers are less likely to choose other
competitors company if Holistal product meets their needs more effectively.


The main target group for Holista were; HR Managers, Wellness
Managers, Health Strategists. During interviews, I discovered something very
important. In fact, the Holistal had two target groups; Employers and employees.
Both groups were dependent on each other. Employers decided if their company
gonna use Holistal service, but employees were actually people who gonna use
preventive health care. In order to create a great brand identity, we focused on
needs both of them.


I summarize feedback from potential users and transform it into bullet
points. We used that knowledge to build a website prototype, test it and improve.
As a creative team, we managed to do successfully rebranding and bring human
touch into technology.


Concept development
Large format print
High-Quality Products

Holistal rebrand

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