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AI Center has started in Sweden and is now a global organization in 4 continents and 14 countries. Their objective has three pillars: equality, safety, and security in the AI industry.

Brief challenge:

AI Center is an educator that provides companies with guidelines, certified training programs. The main objective was to create a brand identity that would make a professional and friendly first impression and avoid the cold image of a tech company.


In the top left corner;UX/UI Consultant: Jina KimProject Manager: Joy HollenWeb Developer: Gabriel JosefsonBrand Strategist/Copywriter: Gauri KaushikArt Director/Designer: Yuliya Borowska


✓ Design brand identity for an international company that will make a trustworthy impression from first sight and awakens curiosity in people to find out more about AI Center. 

✓ Prepare an online workshop for my customer to discuss company background and the purpose of branding. 

✓ Community. Qualification. Leadership. Development. Make these words shine through the graphic design. 

Action plan:

· Guide my client through creative exercises where together as a team, we brainstorm about fundamental things such as brand archetypes, tone of voice, design style, and much more.

Ideation process and logotype creation step after step
Soft shapes and natural color palate


AI Center is proud of connecting organizations, businesses, and individuals within the AI industry. They are a government-independent company and passionate educators.

The logo I designed combines the best aspects of traditional and modern style. A coat of arms traditionally represents independence (shield) and achievement (central elements). It’s unique, powerful visual symbol, and its used by countries, organizations, schools, or corporations.

When it comes to elements of modernity, the logo I designed in a monoline style to simplify its appearance and make it easier to see all the details. The logo lockup has four iconography elements, and they demonstrate the company’s pillars.

The color palette is inspired by middle age history. The red color was not only a symbol of authority but, furthermore, was the representative color of “sharing knowledge.” To this day, Chinese Buddhist monks who are highly respected and considered wise and knowledgeable wear Maroon and Burgundy colors.


Brand strategyBrand identityBrand bookWebsite (UX/UI)

Logotype in real life on work clothes
Car wrapping with brand logo and pattern visual identity