Volunteer Experience

How brand identity looked before the rebranding

Project Overview:

SheSupp is about women prospering to become influential business leaders in today’s society. Shesupp model aims not only to influence and empower women to become strong leaders and start their businesses but also to influence companies and organizations to acknowledge the need and benefits of including more women in leadership positions and investing in them women-led companies.


Digital strategist & Designer UI/UX.


Lead the research process,
Analyze customer and user data,
Identify new communities for lead generation,
Optimize SEO,
Manage finance/budget,
Evaluate and implement improvements in the design.

Ideation process:

My main goal for this step was to make sure that my best ideas were simply legible enough for easy review. During my ideation process, I focus on highlighting the mission of “empower women” and create a memorable logo design.

Final image project:

Multicultural, empower, support, community – I put all of those representative symbols together. As you can see in the picture, I implement Shesupp organization founder face into a logo. I chose as the main symbol of bold “S” as an acronym for She-Is-Up — this is my ideation process for a final brand identity for the SheSupp organization.

Logotype with big S letter on digital advice

Brand Identity Implementation:

I could move on with the rebranding through all digital channels when I finished with the brand core identity.
I created a new user journey for the Website and implemented a coherent brand design for Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and I created a digital marketing campaign with the message “Business? Why wait? Build your own” – as a promotional slogan for the SheSupp entrepreneur course.

Whole brand package and digital brand identity for female organisation