The stories you believe shape your world!

“You shall get what you give. The engagement you put out into the program will return to you in an abundance.”

I heard these words on the first day of school as a Hyper Island student. I took these words close to my heart. I repeat them so often that they have become my mantra. 


Two years ago I had the opportunity to do a presentation for Femtech event at Norrsken House in downtown Stockholm. I didn’t prepare mentally enough to stand up in front of all those awesome women. It was a lot of stress to handle, and I finished my presentation with mumbling a few senses. That wasn´t the worst part. During cheat chat at the party after the event, no one could recognize me and didn´t even remembered my presentation. I felt embarrassed. One such situation has been effective in sowing a seed of doubt in my mind. I avoided presentations and public appearances for a year.

Red head girl presenting the brand strategy



Luckily I get into Hyper Island Design Lead program. I was honest from the beginning about my biggest fear – leading presentation. Being open and share that information with my class, released the burden of shame from my shoulders. Suddenly I didn’t put so much pressure on myself. At that moment I understood that “Hey! I am at Hyper. This is the right place to learn. This is the right place to go out of your comfort zone.” I participate in every presentation that I could. Whenever I overcome my fear it was a time of my little victory. 

I never stopped to feel anxious about speaking in front of many people. I learned how to be confident and control my emotions. 


I remember exactly that day when the first time in the whole of my life I felt excitement during public speaking. Last year we had a UX module with two amazing industry leaders; Fernanda Barbato and Rafael Coimbra. Together with the group, we went to Designit company. Our purpose was to show a presentation with the solution before final delivery to clients and hear the feedback from classmates and industry leaders. I am not gonna lie, I thought that my heart will stop during the presentation. Guess what? It didn’t happen. Instead, I caught the flow about my research and strategy – things I love and then my confidence showed up. My reflection afterwards was “If you want to do a good speech in the future, try to connect to the topics that you know and love”. 

Now you think that it’s obvious, but for me, it wasn’t. That day I discovered something else. That my true calling are research & strategy. 

Red head girl presenting timeline and process of the project work


Something that no one knew. With UX team we nailed the presentation for the customer. They loved it so much that they asked us to come to the company office. Now it is the best part. Their office is at Norrsken House, the same place where two years ago I had my failure. 

What did I do? I went there. Presented successfully with my team. And most important I created new memories. 

Team presentation about ux progress

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I want say THANK YOU to my colleagues, industry leaders and program manager Mari for creating safe space, and opportunity for me to grow.

Thanks to you I was able to do that! 

The stories you believe shape your world. My story shows that without failure there is no success. 

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