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Social Media is a powerful marketing tool. You can use media platform to tell customers about your business and have actual conversations with them. Communication is a key and essential way to build any relationship. Consumers can influence on a our brand. They have a strong voice. If you listening to them, soon or later you figure out what they need, then show them a solution to their problem. Social network give us a great opportunities to build local business or personal brand. I decided to look more closely at the phenomenon of social media. Especially what is the difference in running a business on social platforms. I choosed instagram because this platform I understand the most. For a one year, I have been running an active account on instagram and I can honestly say that I love it. I read a lot of tutorials, books and attended courses about social media. But I did not get a useful information about how to START running an instagram account. Basic information such as: what to pay attention to when you are creating an account, how to photograph, which style to choose on the wall, what information to write in bio, etc. Interested? Read more …


The Instagram application was launched on October 2010, initially only for iPhone and two years later it went also to Android devices. After a few months of Instagram existence, more precisely on December 2010, growth Instagram hits 1 million users. Statistics from 2017 have shown that Instagrama is already used by over 700 million people monthly, and this number is growing.


2. Look who you are and decide what you wanna show. Treat your profile as a business card. The biggest mistake in social media marketing is not having a social media strategy at all. Before you start implementing a social media strategy, it is important that you have a foundation for your strategy. Ask yourself:

  • Who are my target audience?
  • What do I wish to achieve with social media regarding my brand or business?
  • How often should I post?
  • What content would my target audience be interested in?

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It´s not about brand, it´s about style. You have already prepared strategy, but every strategic plan needs an action plan to bring it to life. Professional photos, expensive equipment, model appearance, travel. Looking at the perfect life of influencers, you can think that only by presenting perfectionism in every detail you can reach success. But it is not the number of followers that make us unique, what makes us unique is how we treat our business ourselves. If you are determined, ambitious, stubborn and think about your business seriously, people will also start feel that way. If you are self-conscious, have no goal, plan and do not know what you do, do not expect miracles. Business does not start with a logo, website or social media. Business starts with you. You are in the center, you decide! The Sooner You Realize, the Happier You’ll Be.

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