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In today´s episode, you´re going to find out what does “Kill Your Babies” mean? What is a brief? Why is branding so important? What is the difference between entrepreneurs and influencers? And in the end, you will get a KISS! Marketopedia – strange and funny commerce phrases that’ll make you giggle. Have you ever come across a weird term that sounds familiar but you didn´t get it completely? I have been there! That´s why I will make this easier for you. Have Fun!

Let’s start back at the beginning. With the growing of influencer and entrepreneurs (we get there later), the personal brand began to play a significant role. What means the term build a strong brand or brand loyalty? How does the process look like? Is it essential to have a strong brand in business?

The branding process is about giving a personality and an identifying mark to your company. The choice of features and associations, tailored to the needs and expectations of the target group is really important. The main focus of branding is to recognize consumer needs and solve their problems. The customer buys not only the product but also a set of features related to this product. Choosing the right brand strategy it´s similar to “To be, or not to be” for the company on the market. A great brand strategy is the one that gives a direct answer to your client’s question ´To like, or unlike´. The brand is sometimes called the product DNA.

Note: ´Visual branding´ is just one of the elements of the branding process. In addition, it´s also important how you communicate with clients through your website, social media, storytelling what is your values and what you represent as a company. Improvement those elements, build a brand loyalty, the trusting relationship that consumer has toward your product/brand.

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What is brief? Basic document containing a set of information useful in the process of creating an advertising campaign. A good brief is halfway to the success. The information contained therein is:

  • Target group (clients),
  • Problems (feelings, perception or behavior do we want to change or strengthen at consumers),
  • The main goals of the campaign,
  • Market analysis,
  • Budget,
  • Ideas (ideas related to the implementation of the project).

Flat lay of business concept

An entrepreneur is a person who took a risk, started a business, and made money. Idea + Capital = Products + Customers = Business

An Influencer is a person who effectively affects other people. Communication Channel + Followers = Products Promotion + Cooperation With Companies = Money

Do you see the difference?Business people working together at coffee shop

Kill Your Babies! A phrase that reminds creatives to get rid of ideas that they like, but isn´t working.

KISS! Acronym for Keep It Simple, Stupid. The golden role when it comes to ad concepts.colorful lips kiss

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