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The stories you believe shape your world!

“You shall get what you give. The engagement you put out into the program will return to you in an abundance.” I heard these words on the first day of school as a Hyper Island student. I took these words close to my heart. I repeat them so often that they have become my mantra.  […]

Polyglot – a perception of the world!

How Swedish language changed my life?

Swedes are formal polite with good manners, but somewhere in between, they create a social distance, and they are reserved. You can barely get a glimpse of the sense of humor during the conversation. That was my first impression of the Swedish culture.  I crushed my stereotypes. I improved my Swedish over the past few years. Two […]

Two shades of Stockholm!

The coastline of Sweden is well developed and characterised by hundreds of small and indented medium and also small bays. Especially in the region of the country’s capital, has many banks and bays formed by the activities of the Baltic Sea. In other words, if you want to discover Stockholm, you have to do it […]