#1 Bullshit vs Facts

You can call it a bullshit buster. Over the past few years, a lot of myths have appeared about how to run a business on social media. False fairy story comes up so often that people start to believe in it. That is why this is the right time to confront the marketing myths vs facts! #1. Let’s start with the most popular and my favourite. To succeed, you must have an active account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat and so on.

# FALSE! Why? Do you have time for this? If you work as a freelancer or have a small company, you still do not have enough the time or money to be visible on all accounts. My advice? Be smart and invest your time and money wisely. Pick up social channels, where you can find your target group. Max. 3 social platform.


#2. All of your social media channels can be automated by share the same content. For example, you can take one photo plus add a small description and share your post from Instagram account to Facebook. In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for 1 milliard dollars, and since they make more comfortable to share your post between those two platforms. 

#FALSE! If you already use those platforms, you can see a contrast between them. They have an entirely different way to communicate with users. How about people? Does your grandma have an Instagram account? No? How about Facebook? Now you get it? I see loud and clearly bullshit alarm!

  #3. If you want to break through and be visible, you can do it! Just create an account on the less popular media platform or a new one. The lower competition out there makes you a stronger and better.

#FALSE! Good brand strategy, creative ideas and transparency make it possible everywhere! Even on popular platforms.

Don´t forget about that!

  #4. Quantity vs Quality. There are many contradictions connected with it. Some “experts” say that it is better posted more often than focus on quality, and others say that is a better concentrate on the quality of your posts. #FALSE! In the meantime, an ongoing discussion you should do what is best for your business. Each account is different, and there is no immediate universal plan for success on social media. Remember that the number of followers is not essential, but their feedback. In everything you do in life, it’s important to keep the balance. The same rule is on social media. Publish often, but do not forget about the quality of your posts. Honesty and passion attract people. Create your own way of communication. #5. Start from 0. Should I buy followers? #likeforlikes #followforfollow #FALSE! Oh! I hate this question! Did you hear about algorithms? If you buy followers or use some applications to get more likes or views, you create a ghost account. What is it mean? That you have followers, but they are not real. For the algorithm you account is less attractive, and you have small chances for organic growing because Instagram will not push your content forward.

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