I was born in Ukraine, raised in Poland and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I currently study at Hyper Island, with a focus on transform business challenges into opportunities to grow.

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I can’t imagine my world without marketing, truly, what makes me happy is when I’ve spent my days solving innovative problems for clients and how to help them better express it so their core belief shines through. It may sound silly but I am happy after a long day of strategic planning and solving cases.

My drive is to understand what causes a problem and research different paths to resolve it. One of my philosophies in life is that we can always find a way out of every situation. For me, every business can be successful if you like what you do, and you do it intending to reach the highest quality.

That the business has the right strategy for their purpose as well. Finding the intended business flow within a high-quality strategy is something I always aim for.

One of my goals I always strive for is to show marketing and tech from a woman’s perspective, give people information in a language they personal understands, to inspire people through my work and create a community call #daretoshare where we meet with others and share heart to heart moments with other women.

I am inspired to raise other women with my work and I enjoy working with others through a heartfelt connection.

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