What makes the brand so magically effective?

CREATIVE STRATEGY is about building a self-sustaining
business that fills the user needs; it is buildable with
resources that you have and helps to make your
brand thrive.


I help you to stand out from the competition crowd through brand design.

Let´s plan strategy, create content, and connect with your target audience.

I incorporate user experience (UX) in website design (UI) that would guide customers to your service or products and deliver greater customer satisfaction.

Hi, and welcome! I am so happy to see you here!

My name is Yuliya Borowska. I am a Digital Strategist & Designer UI/UX with ten years of experience in the creative field.

I have a strong passion for leading the problem-solving process within the design and connecting the dots between consumer needs, wish, wants, and desires. I have designed, plan, and advertise for clients like BMW, Mini, Com Hem, Samsung, Instax, 29K, and SSE Business Lab.

I strongly believe that the creative process’s end goal should be desirable for clients, but also feasible and valuable for the company. That means that our solution or product will satisfy the user’s needs, will be easy to implement and have a commercial model.

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I have been working lately on…


E-book & Blueprint


I am going to teaching you in 10 simple steps how to structure, plan, and design your brand. No bullshit. Smart investment. Simple solutions.

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Team leading & digital strategy


Currently, I am leading a creative team across the work process to build a significant online business from scratch.

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Advertising Campaign


I fall in love with boxing, that is why I work on a probono case for one of the Stockholm boxing clubs that support our society.

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